Milagro Essential Oils with CBD – Rosemary

The Latin name for rosemary is Rosmarinus Officinalis. The flowering tops of the plant, that is native to the Mediterranean region, create rosemary essential oil, and extraction is by steam distillation.

The essential oil of the rosemary herb is steam distilled from the flowers, stems, and leaves of the plant. According to the British Pharmacopoeia, the oil derived from the flowering tops is superior to that obtained from the stem and leaves, which is where nearly all commercial oil gets distilled. The smell of rosemary essential oil is woody and herbal and is used in aromatherapy to refresh and stimulate the mind.


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  1. Wendy

    Rosemary essential oil helps treat wounds, burns, colds, flu, fatigue, digestive trouble, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, gout, rheumatism, liver and gall bladder problems, water retention and poor circulation. For a massage, rosemary oil combines with a base oil like almond, apricot kernel, or hazelnut oil. It is suitable for the hair as it is said to increase circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth. Never use this oil internally, and avoid it if you’re pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy.

    Rosemary is well-known in the modern medical world and it was also used in the ancient world. It improved memory, so it became a symbol of fidelity in weddings, funerals, and other religious ceremonies. A sprig of rosemary was tied beautifully with ribbons and handed to wedding guests as a symbol of love and loyalty. “Hungary water,” made of fresh rosemary tops soaked in wine for a few days, was made for the Queen of Hungary and is said to have cured her of paralysis.

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